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Abronia mellifera var. pahoveorum   Boise sand-verbena
           (Alt: Abronia fragrans )
sensitive                      herbaceous           
Distribution: Foothills, Lucky Peak, West Valley

UW Burke Herbarium Link: Abronia mellifera var. pahoveorum
USDA Plants Link: Abronia mellifera var. pahoveorum   (ABME)

Note: Herbarium links are for Abronia mellifera.


Bernice Bjornson had this this to say about the Boise sand-verbena (which she identified as Abronia salsa) in 1946, when it was evidently much more common than now: “No petals do these flowers have, but still they achieve beauty by whitening or coloring the dainty frill topping the tube of the calyx.  The flowers are clustered in umbels and subtended by an involucre. We have found but one species; but that one . . . can be found occasionally in large patches on the foothills near Boise.  The leaves are hairy, the flowers white, and near these flowers the plant is sticky to the touch.”

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