Cusickiella douglasii   cusickiella, Douglas's draba
           (Alt: Draba douglasii )
Brassicaceae (Alt: Cruciferae )
sensitive                      herbaceous           
Distribution: Oregon Trail

UW Burke Herbarium Link: Cusickiella douglasii
USDA Plants Link: Cusickiella douglasii   (CUDO3)
Flora of North America Link: Cusickiella douglasii

Within the Boise Front boundaries, Douglas’s draba (Cusickiella douglasii, previously in Draba) is currently known only as a rare plant scattered in open flats along the Oregon Trail west of Bonneville Point.  The small dense perennials are covered with white flowers in late winter/early spring, blooming at the same time as sagebrush buttercups and orogenia.  How much longer even this population will persist remains to be seen; most of the existing plants are struggling to hold their own against invasive bulbous bluegrass (Poa bulbosa), which flourishes in the same microhabitat.

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