Comandra umbellata ssp. pallida   bastard toadflax
           (Alt: Comandra pallida )
Comandraceae (Alt: Santalaceae )
native                      herbaceous           
Distribution: West Valley, Conifer Zone, Foothills, Mid Elevation

UW Burke Herbarium Link: Comandra umbellata ssp. pallida
USDA Plants Link: Comandra umbellata ssp. pallida   (COUMP)

Bernice Bjornson had this this to say about Comandra umbellata¬†ssp.¬†pallida in 1946:¬† “It is a perennial herb about one to two feet high growing in occasional patches on our sandy foothills. Its flowers are without petals, but its sepals are whitened at their tips, sometimes showing a pink tinge also. The leaves are entire, alternate and usually without a leafstalk. The horizontal underground stem has an indigo blue cortex.”

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