Navarretia propinqua   needleleaf navarretia
           (Alt: Navarretia intertexta var. propinqua )
native                      herbaceous           
Distribution: Oregon Trail, South Boise, Mid Elevation, Conifer Zone

UW Burke Herbarium Link: Navarretia propinqua
USDA Plants Link: Navarretia propinqua   (NAINP3)

Navarretia propinqua was previously treated as a variety N. intertexta; the two are now considered to be distinct species.  Differences include corolla length (4-7 mm in N. propinqua, 7-11 mm in N. intertexta) and habit (generally mound-forming and < 1 dm tall in N. propinqua, more often erect and taller in N. intertexta).  Most plants from our area match the description of N. propinqua, but some plants, even in the same population, are perhaps more comparable to N. intertexta.  It is possible that both species are present, here at the overlap between their respective ranges.

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