Portulaca oleracea   purslane
Portulacaceae (Alt: )
non-native                      herbaceous           
Distribution: Greenbelt, Lucky Peak

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Bernice Bjornson had this this to say about Portulaca in 1946, when it was already well established:  “Few gardeners are not acquainted with wild portulaca or purslane, Portulaca oleracea, as it is a common weed in southern Idaho.  Some people no doubt have learned that hoeing alone will not eradicate the plant, since if it is left in contact with moist soil it will re-establish itself.  It is an annual, fleshy, forming prostrate mats.  If left alone it will produce small yellow flowers with notched petals.”  She then added this quote:  “Purslane is cooked and served like spinach.  The fleshy stems are sometimes pickled.  In England the young stems and leaves are often used as a summer salad.  In southern Europe it is sometimes used in soups.  In China and India it is much used as a potherb.  It has never been much valued in America, but in Europe several upright cultivated varieties have been developed. ……. In Mexico it is frequently seen in the markets where vegetables are sold.”  (Medsger 1939).


Medsger, O. P.  1939.  Edible Wild Plants.  MacMillan Co., NY.

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