Robinia pseudoacacia   black locust
Fabaceae (Alt: Leguminosae )
non-native                      woody           
Distribution: Oregon Trail, Greenbelt, Foothills, Mid Elevation, West Valley, Lucky Peak

UW Burke Herbarium Link: Robinia pseudoacacia
USDA Plants Link: Robinia pseudoacacia   (ROPS)

Black-locust, native to the eastern United States, was one of several trees planted by early Euro-American settlers that thrived in the Boise Frontm frequently persisting around old homesteads.  Trees are easily recognized, even in mid-winter, by the persisting flattened seed-pods, thorny branches, and deeply furrowed bark, which is often covered with colorful lichens.

Magpie nest in black-locust grove.

Groves are popular nesting sites for magpies, with the thorny branches providing added protection for the large masses of twigs that surround the nest proper.