Pseudoroegneria spicata   bluebunch wheatgrass
           (Alt: Agropyron spicatum )
Poaceae (Alt: Gramineae )
native, non-native                      grasslike           
Distribution: Foothills, Greenbelt, Mid Elevation, West Valley, Oregon Trail, Conifer Zone

UW Burke Herbarium Link: Pseudoroegneria spicata
USDA Plants Link: Pseudoroegneria spicata   (PSSPI)
Flora of North America Link: Pseudoroegneria spicata

The status of bluebunch wheatgrass is complicated, in that both native and non-native forms are common in the Boise Front.  The native, locally adapted genotype (= genetically unique form) forms rather messy clumps with straight, slender inflorescences, most often on north-facing slopes in reasonably intact shrub-steppe.  In contrast, the non-native genotype(s), which are widely used for post-fire rehabilitation, are generally larger and more erect, and can also form more solid stands in a diversity of habitats.  Bluebunch wheatgrass is one of the most widely used native grasses propagated for various purposes, with multiple cultivars developed from particularly vigorous sources.